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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  January 1, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am EST

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captioning sponsored by cbs hey, welcome to the late show! hello! hello. >> stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! >> stephen: thank you very much. thanks, everybody. welcome to the late show! thanks so much! ( cheers and applause ) welcome, everybody. thanks for being here. welcome to the late show. i'm stephen colbert. today is the second night of hanukkah. and on behalf of everyone who is not jewish, and i believe i can speak for everyone, i just want to say to our jewish friends, we have no idea when hanukkah is. ( laughter ) i don't mean to be ignorant, but you got to admit, you just keep
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all we're asking for is like an e-vite or a save-the-date card. we know it's a bunch of days and around now. just pick one day for it to start every year. i promise, we won't check your math. ( laughter ) anyway, happy hannukah and i hope you all had a good weekend. i did-- i was in-- ( cheers and applause ) very nice. i was in washington d.c. last night hosting the kennedy center honors. this year-- yeah, pretty nice, yeah. ( cheers and applause ) this year, we kennedy center honored carole king, rita moreno, seigi ozawa, cicely tyson, and george lucas. it's a meeting-- ( cheers and applause ) a fantastic night, amazing. it's a meeting of, like, washington bigwigs and hollywood celebrities. i saw c-3po standing next to secretary of state john kerry. ( laughter ) one of them was incredibly lifelike. ( laughter ) now, the night culminated in a
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great aretha franklin singing "you make me feel like a natural woman," and, i mean, i-- didn't know what to expect. but aretha's so powerful, that at the end of that song, i felt like a natural woman. ( laughter ) i think i might have ovulated. i mean she just tore-- just tore the rafters down. president obama is on his feet, 90-year-old cicely tyson was going, "yay!" and i'm sitting backstage thinking, "boy, i would hate to have to follow that." then realized, as the host of the show, i had to follow that. ( laughter ) and it was an amazing night, and you don't want to miss it. the kennedy center honors will air right here on cbs on december 29. that is easy to remember because it's the 24th night of hanukkah. ( laughter and applause )
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( cheers and applause ) i don't know if that does anything. we've got a great show for you tonight, ladies and gentlemen. first, i will be sitting down with my old friend, star of the new movie "the big short," mr. steve carell. ( cheers and applause ) boom! >> jon: whoo! >> stephen: now, i have known steve since the 1980s. and tonight, i will finally return his leg warmers. ( laughter ) steve and i have been friends for 27 years. and i've got some stories i could tell about him, but i will not because he's got some stories he could tell you about me, and we made a deal a long time ago. also, i will talk with the very talented star of the new broadway musical "the color purple"-- jennifer hudson is here. ( cheers and applause ) amazing. amazing. jennifer got her start on "american idol"; sadly she did not win idol.
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a golden globe and a grammy. and we also have some very special guests tonight, as i'm sure you know; these guys all know. tomorrrr night right here on cbs at 10:00 p.m. is the victoria secret fashion show. it is the world series of intimate apparel. it is the super bowl of underpants. it is the daytona 500 of telling your wife that we should watch it, really, because it's just a christmas special and they're not that pretty. except for this year when they decided to go with very attractive women. i am joined by actual victoria secret angels. bay-ati prinsloo and taylor hill. ( cheers and applause ) victoria secret angels, everybody. ( applause ) thank you so much. lovely to see you. nice to see all of you. now angels, angels, welcome, welcome to the show. thank you for taking time away
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between god and mankind to model lingerie. now, i-- i have to ask, what-- what is victoria's secret? because everything about victoria seems very public. ( laughs ) >> okay, her real secret is, she is not allergic to gluten. she just likes to be very difficult at restaurants. >> stephen: okay. that's shocking stuff. well, as soon as i heard that the three of you were going to be on the show, naturally, i knew there was only one thing that america wanted to see victoria secret angels do. >> could it be modeling the dream angel lace teddy? >> stephen: no, no, but thank you, that sounds like a lovely idea. >> no? >> what about walking the runway in the diamond encrusted $2 million fantasy bra. >> stephen: again, again, i'm sure that is nice. >> no, no? >> stephen: but i'm going to pass. no, i'm talking about what we really want to see victoria secret angels do. >> eat a giant pile of buffalo wings! >> stephen: we've got a winner!
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( applause ) please, thank you. angels? ladies and gentlemen... >> on your marks... >> stephen: victoria secret angels, eating atomic buffalo wings. dig in, ladies! let's do this thing! ( cheers and applause ) okay. all right. don't be shy. don't be shy. >> they're spicy. >> stephen: i'll take one. give me one, right over here. now don't be shy. get in there. you need fuel for your big underpants day tomorrow. ( laughter ) >> ( laughs ) okay. stephen... >> stephen: yeah? >> we recorded this show a month ago. >> stephen: well, then belly up to the buffalo bar, my friend. now remember... >> these are spicy. >> stephen: they are spicy. >> are they organic? >> stephen: they're buffalo wings, my friends. these things go through you like
11:42 pm
( applause ) uh-huh. whatever you-- >> are these-- >> stephen: what? >> are these organic? >> stephen: i'm not sure. all i know i ithat, they are the wings that were harvested from angels who didn't make the cut. let me get another one here. let's see... we don't-- we forgot paper towels. >> yeah. that's a shaha. ( laughter ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: excellent. >> you're welcome. >> stephen: eat, eat, eat! keep eating. remember, ladies, it's for charity, one assumes. ( laughter ) oh, that is the sound of jon batiste and stay human. say hi, everybody. ( applause ) >> ( inaudible )
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there's more stuff on the prompter, but-- [bleep] it, let's just go. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> announcer: tonight, stephen welcomes steve carell... jennifer hudson... and a performance from the broadway musical "the color purple." featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now, it's time for "the late
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( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: thank you. ( cheers and applause ) thanks, ladies and gentlemen. >> stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! >> stephen: thank you very much. thank you, jon. thank you, band. yeah. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: those wings were slightly spicier than the ones from rehearsal. oh, my goodness. now, we were off last week, and i'm not exactly sure how to do this tonal shift right now, but i do want to take a second to start off tonight by trying to catch up on the terrible events that happened over the last ten days. and offer my thoughts and prayers to the people of colorado springs and san bernardino in the wake of these tragic terrorist attacks. of course, these days even thoughts and prayers have become
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just look at this cover of the new york "daily news" from last week. it says "god isn't fixing this." and for once, they're not referring to the newspaper industry. no, they're going after politicians who, following attacks like these, offer what the paper here, calls "meaningless platitudes." now first, i would just like to defend "thoughts and prayers." as someone who occasionally thinks and prays: the reason you keep people in your thoughts and prayers is admittedly, not to fix t t problem, but to try to find some small way to share the burden of grief. but the "daily news" is right, that if we really want to fix it, we can't stop there. so, what do we do? well, last night, during his speech, in the oval office, behind a podium, in front of a desk, the president declared that the san bernardino shooting was an act of terrorism. and it does matter what the motivation is, because when we decide it's an act of terrorism, we do something about it. sometimes too much about it. the next thing you know, the n.s.a. is reading your netflix queue and what would have been
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is being shipped in pallets of a hundred dollar bills to baghdad. but when it's not a terrorist attack, we do nothing. why can't there be anything in between? there has to be some way to make it harder to build up an arsenal. the san bernardino shooters had 6,000 rounds of ammunition. why is it so easy to buy bullets when i have to show three forms of i.d. to buy sudafed? of course, the people say-- ( cheers and applause ) some people say if you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns. but then, at least you will know who the outlaws are. they are the ones with the guns, go get them. also, and i should have mentioned this before, i don't know what i'm talking about. maybe everyone should have a gun. if everyone had a lot of training, it might be a deterrent. we would have a safe, civil society that might not turn into a three-million man mexican standoff. but i will tell you where there are a lot of guns right now, and
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that is syria. everyone agrees that we have to do something about isis. we've trtrd bombing. but recently i saw this news item: u.s. air force running out of bombs to fight isis. how does the air force run out of bombs? that's like denny's running out of cholesterol. ( laughter ) now, you know there's a name for an air force with no bombs. it's called an airline. ( laughter ) apparently-- ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: i did not know this, apparently the air force has fired more than 20,000 bombs and missiles in syria. and 20,000 sounds like a lot to me. so i'm beginning to think that just bombing might not work. isis might be unconvincable by the boom-boom room. and this may be the reason why: >> isis fighters may be fueled by not just extremist ideologies, but also by a black market amphetamine that is
11:48 pm
>> jihadist fighters are believed to be using it as a go pill. >> you don't have to sleep and it gives you a sense of well- being and euphoria and you think that you are invincible and that nothing can harm you. >> stephen: it makes you feel as if nothing can harm you. well, i think i speak for everyone watching the news lately when i say, can i have some? ( laughter ) now, the specific drug in question is called captagon, which was originally produced in the 1960s to treat conditions such as hyperactivity. so basically they're taking jihadderall. and captagon does the job. one captured isis fighter described its effect this way: "it makes us feel big, strong, as if looking at the battle from above. you think the tanks are little birds that you can destroy with your sword." of course, to the guy in the tank, you look like a guy waving a sword about to be run over by a tank. which also sounds pretty trippy. and it turns out, some members of isis were on the drugs before
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because according to fbi director james comey, the people the islamic state is trying to reach, are people that al-qaeda would never use as an operative because they are often "unstable, troubled drug users." which explains a lot. i mean, these extremists wanted to get into al-qaeda, the harvard of terrorism, but had to settle for the safety school, islamic state. ( laughter ) and now-- ( cheers and applause ) now that we know they like the go-go pills, i think it gives the clear path to victory against isis. we just need to flood syria with less of the "spiders on your face" stabby drugs, and more of the "peace and love" drugs. i say we send our bombers over there to drop ecstasy, then carpet bomb them with pacifiers and glowsticks. ( laughter ) and--
11:50 pm
and if that doesn't work, i say we tackle isis head on with boots on the ground, and then fill those boots with america's bravest tweakers. you just tell them that isis has got some of the high speed chicken feed and then let them loose. because these people are as fearless as they are toothless. we'll be right back with steve carell. i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, wiwi unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose
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marcia, eat a snickers . why? you get a little hostile when you're hungry. better? better.
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( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: that's a great sound. that's beautiful. welcome back, everybody, my first guest has starred in "the 40 year old virgin," "anchorman," and "foxcatcher." he now stars in "the big short," a film about the financial collapse of 2008. >> fine, you know what? i'm a mean guy and i'm pissed off. you have no idea the kind of crap people are pulling, and everyone is walking around like they are in a damn enya video. they're all getting screwed, you know. you know what they care about?
11:54 pm
they care about what actress just went into rehab. >> i think you should try medication. >> no, no, we agreed, if it interfered with work. >> you hate wall street... maybe it's time to quit. >> i love my job. >>&you hate your job. >> i love my job. >> you're miserable. >> i love my job. i love my job, honey. >> mark. >> cynthia, i'm okay, i really am-- hey, hey, hey. no, no, my cab, that's my cab. that's my cab. that is my cab. >> it is not, schmuck. >> i'll call you later. >> stephen: please welcome steve carell. ( cheers and applause ) ( cheers and applause ) >> this is awesome!
11:55 pm
look at you! >> stephen: look at you! >> oh my god. >> stephen: mr. movie star. it's really nice to see you. >> good to see you too, stephen. >> stephen: well, we have come a long way, baby. we started off at second city together. >> yeah. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: yeah. in chicago, it's an improvisational theater. what are some of your memories of, like, that time? this is back in the, what would you say, the late '80s and early '90s, we were together. any memories of second city, like our time together back there? >> i always-- i re-- well, you understudied me, on the first main stage show, first time i went. >> stephen: first time you ever went on, yeah, yeah. >> and i played the baritone horn. >> stephen: yeah. >> and you actually had to learn how to play the baritone horn. >> stephen: second city is like a rep system, anybody who's in the touring company-- you got hired about a year before i did. >> yeah. >> stephen: and everybody in the touring company has to go in for... whoever is on main stage, like you had to go in for the people before you. but the part you were doing, you had to-- you played a baritone horn, which is like a-- a fat trumpet. >> yeah. >> stephen: and, i never played
11:56 pm
six days, learn to play the baritone horn." >> it was amaz-- it's incredible. >> stephen: yeah, you really know what you are doing on the baritone horn. >> not so much, but having never played it, in six days? >> stephen: and i had my own baritone horn, because they wouldn't even rent me the horn, and i learned it in six days; and my lips were just like-- just like a baboon's ass, ( laughter ) because i had no ombucher. i remember-- the one thing i remember is that-- because it was drilled in my head, i wanted "anchors away." i can no longer hear "anchors away" as "anchors away;" i can only hear the bass line, because that is what you play. >> we can do it! >> stephen: do you remember it? >> yeah. >> stephen: hold on, i've got to remember it-- ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba ba, ba, ba ba, ba ba, ba, ba ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: tell me-- what was that? that was 1990... >> yeah.
11:57 pm
ago. that is how emotionally scarring that week was for me. >> but, every time you hear that song, it's the only part you can hear! >> stephen: absolutely. >> yep. >> stephen: so, we did comedy together, for years, you and i did that together. then we did-- what, we did "the dana carvey show" together. there. >> stephen: we were office mates at "the daily show," forever. you know. ( cheers and applause ) the funniest people on the planet. why do you want to do drama, man? >> i-- i-- >> stephen: you're hurting our feelings. >> i feel like it's time to have some pretense in my life. >> stephen: okay. have you tried not pronouncing the last consonant of your last name? that's how i get mine in. >> i like it. >> stephen: yeah. because you've done tremendous work. obviously i know you want to do it, because you can do anything. people ask me, like, "wow, in 'foxcatcher' he was really scary. i didn't see that coming." i said "no, i always knew he
11:58 pm
>> i appreciate that. >> stephen: yeah, you're welcome. >> well, i mean, right back at you, though. there is no one-- seriously! there is no one i would rather perform with than you. >> stephen: really? >> seriously. >> stephen: really. >> to be on-- ( cheers and applause ) but it's true. >> stephen: we always had a lot of fun together over the years. >> oh, my god! because i always knew, with the exception of this, we're always funny together. ( laughter ) but you-- you always-- ! >> stephen: well, i will try my dramatic chops on you righghnow. >> no, but you're always-- you're always so on point, and so great, and you can-- i don't know. nope, everyone's bored with us. ( laughter ) >> stephen: but i'm enjoying this conversation! >> i am too. >> stephen: that's all that matters. let's talk about "the big short" for a second. i'm fascinated by this movie. i love the idea of this movie. so you play a guy, let me get this right, mark baum... >> yes. >> stephen: all right, based on a real hedge fund manager named steve eisman... >> right. >> stephen: and this is in the-- before the 2008 crash. >> uh-huh. >> stephen: he sees something coming. what does he see coming?
11:59 pm
he saw the housing bubble. he saw that all of these mortgages were going to default, and he and a-- >> stephen: a small group of people saw it with him. very few. >> a handful of people saw it coming, and they essentially bet against the u.s. economy. >> stephen: and everybody thought they were crazy. >> everyone thought they were crazy. and it's weird, watching the movie, too, because you think, "well, who are the heroes here?" because, you know, you kind of root for them, but at the same time, it's at the expense of everyone else in america. ( laughter ) >> s sphen: you know that t the heroes of our movie actually get what they want, all of us lose. >> exactly. and you still kind of root for it. >> stephen: when you were working on the movie, this is-- when i was watching the movie, what terrified me, was, i had forgotten how close we came to a global meltdown. like $17 trillion disappeared overnight, but it could have been much worse. >> it, well, and had the government not bailed out the banks, who knows what would have happened there. i didn't really know much about
12:00 am
you know, you read the paper and you watch the news. but the extent of it, i had no idea. >> stephen: so you did not really-- you don't really deeply understand what was-- >> anything. ( laughter ) >> stephen: anything, right. so-- so-- >> i mean, that-- >> stephen: i would just point out, that that is a very accurate portrayal of wall street in 2008. >> ( laughs ) thank you. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: really good work. really good work. ( applause ) and the movie is with adam mckay, the guy who did "anchorman's" one and two. what is, like, t difference of doing "anchorman" with him, and worldwide collapse of our >> it's actually closer than you ( laughter ) were doing "anchorman," adam is always the funniest guy, you know, he sits behind a monitor with a microphone and shouts out things like, "i pooped a chocolate squirrel." and then you say that-- not in this movie, in the other movie-- and you just say things that he says. and he's incredibly smart and funny.
12:01 am
mic, but it would be different. it would be-- >> stephen: what, he's like, "go, improvise about, you know-- >> derivatives and-- and-- >> stephen: really? ( laughs ) >> yeah, yeah, and you would try to have some things in your back pocket that you could then improvise on. >> stephen: "collateralized debt obligations-- make it exciting, go." >> exactly, exactly. >> stephen: can you stick around? we have to take a little break here, but don't go away? >> i don't know, i don't know-- okay, i will. all right. >> stephen: we'll be right back with more steve carell. ( applause ) hey sweetie, it's time. eye of the tiger
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and is 4 times better in buildings.
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( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: welcome back, everybody. we're here with our old friend,
12:06 am
it's really nice to see you, because seeing you reminds me of some of the really crappy jobs we used to do together. because when are you starting off, like, as comedians at second city, they didn't pay us anything-- >> no. >> stephen: like $75 a show, which maybe you had a couple times a week. >> right. >> stephen: so we would do any job. do you remember any of the industrials we used to do together? >> do you remember novell? >> stephen: yes, i do! now, for those that don't know, an industrial is a show you do just for a corporation, and you are doing it only to their interests. we got hired by a company called novell network management. >> right. >> stephen: and we wrote something called the "circus of information." and we did a huge-- >> it was the "three rings of novell." >> stephen: the "three rings of novell," a trade show in boston, we did, exactly. and we wrote a 45-minute show, and it wasn't until right before we went on stage that we realized, we hadn't written one line for you. ( laughter ) >> i was just acting >> stephen: you were acting out everything i was saying, because i was the ring master and you
12:07 am
clown, and i realized i had, like, four hours to memerize a 45-minute monologue. >> i was so happy. ( laughter ) like, easiest $75 bucks i ever made. >> stephen: i couldn't remember anything. i would just go, "ladies and gentlemen! yes!" >> ( laughs ) and people knew. people in the audience knew, because-- "the novell, yes, oohh." >> stephen: "network shareware management! observe!" ( laughter ) did you-- did you have to gain weight for this movie? >> i did. >> stephen: in "the big short?" >> yeah, like 25 pounds. >> stephen: really? >> yeah. >> stephen: what did you-- what was your poison of choice? >> well, we lived in chicago for a while, right? >> stephen: well, yeah. >> deep dish pizza, that will do it. >> stephen: oh, yeah. >> you can order it frozen from any number of fine establishments in chicago. >> stephen: yeah. >> and-- and, you don't even have to cook it.
12:08 am
piece of pizza-- >> stephen: the thing about deep dish pizza, is, if it's deep enough, you can actually just put on a snorkel and just dive it's like a baby pool filled with cheese... and you try to stay healthy, though! was it like, were you afraid to go back to, you know, relaxed carell? because you are very disciplined now. >> it was-- it was really fun. >> stephen: yeah. ( laughter ) >> you know, you can say, "oh, i miss working out, it was terrible, i felt bad about myself and unhealthy." it was so great! ( laughter ) to just eat junk all the time. >> stephen: now did you get-- did you get fat enough for adam mckay? did you get as fat as he wanted yoyo >> the first day i showed up, adam said, "wow, you were not kidding around." ( laughter ) which is a really odd compliment to get. >> stephen: yeah, yeah. >> which is like, "fantastic! you look huge!" and you're not used to hearing
12:09 am
>> stephen: right, right, yeah. >> but i was, yeah, i was happily fat, and we shot in new orleans which-- >> stephen: ooh! etouffee! >> uh-huh-huh! >> stephen: uh-huh-huh! >> ai-yeee! ( laughter ) >> stephen: that is a good new orleans accent, right? that's what they sound like? >> jon: yeah, that's exactly how they sound. ( laughter ) >> thank you. >> stephen: people didn't know you had the, necessarily-- when you started off, that you had the chops to do great dramatic work. but people still don't know that you are a great singer. >> well, that's not really true, but thank you. >> stephen: that you are a great singer, or-- ? >> yes. >> stephen: or that people don't know? >> that i'm a great singer, but that is nice of you to say. >> stephen: do people-- are you guys aware that he is a great singer? no, no one knows that-- no one knows that, steve carrell. let's do a s sg. let's do a song. ( cheers and applause ) ( inaudible ) you want to? >> i don't think that's a good
12:10 am
you just jump-- okay, ready, okay, all right? >> i-- i-- >> stephen: really? >> really. >> stephen: really? >> really. >> stephen: come on. come on, improv man. ( cheers and applause ) here's a classic, ready? dance with me >> i want to be your partner can't you see the music is just starting night is calling and i am falling dance with me ( music starts ) fantasy could never be so giving i feel free i hope that you are willing pick the beat up
12:11 am
dance with me let it lift you off the ground starry eyes and love is all around i can take you where you want to go go dance with me i want to be your partner can't you see the music is just starting night is calling and i am falling dance with me ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: steve carell! "the big short" opens in new york this friday, nationwide december 23. steve carell, everybody.
12:12 am
yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state f fm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm, at three in the morning? who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing jake from state farm? uh, khakis. she sounds hideous. well, she's a guy so... another reason more people stay with state farm.
12:13 am
( cheers and applause )) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: welcome back, everybody. my next guest is a golden globe, grammy- and oscar-winner who is
12:14 am
( cheers and applause ) >> that's bad! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: aren't they good? >> amazing! wow. >> stephen: welcome to the show. >> thank you for having me. >> stephen: pleasure to have you. you look amazing. >> thank you. ( cheers and applause ) thank you. >> stephen: how are you feeling? are you a happy person right now? >> i am very happy, especially after all of this. yes, very happy. >> stephen: so, you are a busy person right now... >> yeah. >> stephen: bebedes all of the things you have accompmpshed already, you are about to open on broadway. >> yes! >> stephen: in "the color purple." >> ( cheers and applause ) >> it's exciting. and broadway keeps you really
12:15 am
>> yes, sir! a fun busy, though. >> stephen: uh-huh. now, you are an inspirational figure to a lot of people. you know, you have overcome tragedy in your life. you are a beautiful artist. you've worked very hard. you turned your life around, losing 80 pounds. >> yes. >> stephen: does it ever, do you ever get tired of being inspirational to people? ( laughter ) >> i never realized that i was really that inspirational until, you know, like-- i just like doing what i love. i don't believe in being boxed in, and i love living life, and i'm inspired by seeing other people do what they love to do, and somehow that seems to inspire others. >> stephen: yeah. >> yeah. ( cheers and applause ) but i think it's a good thing and i feel as though if i can be a role model, i would want to be a good role model, to help make a difference for somebody else, you know? >> stephen: do you ever get tired of being fit? ( applause ) because i was just talking to steve carell. and he gave in to the deep dish pizza thing. >> i gave in to the chocolate before i got here. see, that's the tricky thing with broadway, because for me, i come from the world of television. and so you always have to make sure are you eating right before
12:16 am
frononof the camera. but on broadway there is no camera, so i can eat a little bit more chocolate. ( laughter ) >> stephen: really, anything goes? >> cookies, yeah. >> stephen: wow. >> yeah. >> stephen: who inspires you? >> ooh, who inspires me. again, i'm just inspired by passion. passionate people. like, in what we do. everybody is a specialist in what they do. and i love that. and i get inspired from that. and it makes me respect everybody's craft that much more. like you love what you do. so. >> stephen: i do love what i do. >> i'm interested in what you do because you love it, or a musician or a photographer, anything that you do, i think is so inspiring when you are passionate about that. if that makes any sense. ( applause ) >> stephen: it makes absolute sense. >> you know, yeah, that's what inspires me, to be more passionate about what i do, you know. yeah. >> stephen: well, in the new musical "the color purple" you play shug avery. and you said this is different, this is the most different character you have ever played. >> yeah. >> stephen: how are the two of
12:17 am
>> well, when i say she's different from me, i mean, not so much from me, but from any other role i have ever played. for the most part, everything have i done has been really heavy in a way, dramatic, emotional. never glamorous and shug is a glamour rl, honey. so that's fun to be able to explore in that t y. and i do attribute part of it to my weight loss and my new appearance, you know. because when they called me about playing-- being in "color purple," i was like sure, when they said shug avery, i said huh, "me as shug? she's the sex kitty, she's the flashy girl," and i am like "really?" >> stephen: i have a spoiler alert for you. this is what you look like. ( applause ) >> oh. thank you, thank you. well, i see it now. i get it now, you know. and i realized shug and i are very similar in so many ways. >> stephen: uh-huh. now, this is your broadway debut. >> it is. >> stephen: is it everything you thought it would be? like connecting with an
12:18 am
>> well, with the broadway audience, you never know what to expect. but i feel like they bring the gift of the energy to the show. and it's like another character in the show. yeah, it is very different. but then there's t tes we never know what we are going to get. one day, somebody decided to move the props. an audience member decided to move the props. we were on stage so every night we're like... >> stephen: went up on stage. >> he got up, and was like this is in my way. and we have to ignore all of that. >> stephen: you know what. >> we have to keep going. >> stephen: he was showing passion. >> he was showing passion. ( laughter ) >> stephen: exactly right. >> he was passionate about seeing that show. >> stephen: you have to respect it and have security remove him. but respect it at the same time. >> yeah, yeah. >> stephen: well, jennifer, thank you so much for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> stephen: good luck with the play. >> thank you, thank you. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: now here's the thing. don't go anywhere. because we'll be right back with a performance from "the color purple."
12:19 am
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>> thanks again for doing this, mr. freeman. whenever ever you are ready. >> tonight on the late show stephen welcomes senator john mccain, misty copeland... >> great. >> and musical guest freeman and
12:23 am
>> wait, that is not our musical guest for monday. >> it is now, have i gotten a doo-wop group together and we will be performing on your show. >> i don't know about this-- i don't think we can just change it up like that. >> we can because-- i'm morgan freeman. and i'm giving you the finest voice in the land. but i didn't come cheap, home. if you want the velvet, you got to bring the silver. >> all right, fine, your band can play. but can we please finish this up? >> and special guest, baseball legend ted williams. >> hold on, ted williams is dead. >> not dead. cryogenically frozen. and i want him on the show. you know what to do. >> all right, we'll figure it out. >> you bet.
12:24 am
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>> stephen: now performing "push da button" is jennifer hudson and the cast of "the color purple."
12:27 am
i want y'all to fill your glasses up and sit your asses down. 'cause tonight at harpo's juke joint... >> where? >> harpo's! we bring y'all the finest in southern nobility! the queen honeybee! she was born right here, made it big in memphis, and now she come home to sing for y'all. >> shug avery! >> now there's somethin' 'bout good lovin' that all you ladies should know if you want to light your man on fire you gotta start it real slow keep on turning up the voltage'
12:28 am
like you switchin' on a lightbulb watch the juice begin to flow now that i got your attention here's what you men need to hear you want yo lady racin' with you, you gotta get her in gear here's the key to rev her motor-- find the spot she loves the best. if you don't know where give her the stick, she push da button! >> push da button! >> push da button! >> push da button! >> gotta push it if you wanna come in! oh, push da button! oh push da button! if you wanna feel a train a- comin' your way, baby, push the button and pull
12:29 am
now listen all you red hot lovers you oughta know what to do >> you oughta know what to do >> there ain't nuthin' wrong with nuthin' that's right with both of you >> that's right with both of you >> so when tonight you make yo lover cry out like a lion roar, tell the neighbors yo new kitty found the cream it lookin' for! push da button! >> push da button! >> push da button! gotta push it if you wanna come in! push da button push da button! give me somethin' push da button to let your baby know it ain't no sin now, if you wanna feel a train a-comin' your way baby, push the button and pull down da window shade! come on and
12:30 am
push! pull! push! pull! >> push, pull push, pull >> push, pull push, pull push da button! push da button! push da button! push da button! push da button! gotta push it if you wanna come in! push da button! push da button! give me somethin' push da button! to let your baby know it ain't no sin if you wanna feel a train a- comin' your way, baby, baby, what are you gonna do? >> woo woo >> push da button! push da button! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: whoo!
12:31 am
>> stephen: whoo! unbelievable! "the color purple" starring jennifer hudson opens december
12:32 am
we'll be right back!
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